Our members' background


Katharina S.

GreenTech founder, sharing her experience since 2020

Always have the right person to talk to

"The insights I get out of a personal conversation are more valuable to me than 10 hours of google research.

Besides, I prefer advice from other founders over booking professionals" 

Why sphere?

Your network

Hard to find the right person.

Favours owed to different people accumulate.

Excessive networking needed to cover a broad spectrum of topics.

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On demand.

Real-world experience.

No matter on what topic.

Professional advisors

Have never been in your shoes.


Too costly.


Missing the practitioners' approach.


"I love to support others. sphere allows me to make an impact with my experience without any long-term commitments. 


I only spend 2 hours per month on it, but I can still create significant value for other founders on topics that matter." 

Man Using a Tablet

Julian W.

Food founder, sharing his experience since 2019

About us

Learning from those who have done it before.
This is what drives us. This is what makes you progress.

On demand

Get the support you need, whenever you need it. You face a challenge or a new situation? Book a conversation and get it out of your way.

Give and take

We believe in giving and taking. However, not just within your limited network. sphere allows you to exchange your experience within a broad and diverse community.

To-the-point answers

Tired of excessive networking to get the insights you need? sphere is not about networking. It is about getting the answers you need.

Any topic

We aim to support you on any challenge you face, where it helps to talk to someone who has been through it before.