Apply to become a member

You should have at least one year experience as a founder or have been part of a notable accelerator program.

Application duration: approx. 5 min

What happens next?

Gain insights

If you are admitted to our community, you can start to book conversations on topics, where you need support from peers.

Share your experience

After your first call, we will regularly ask you to share your experience with someone from the community.

Your member benefits

Clear roles

In any given call, you either get insights (as the inviter) or you share your experience (insider).


No need to search for the right conversation partner. We match you based on needs, backgrounds and availabilities.

Access to peers

The 30-minute sessions are really for your use: your challenges, your questions.

Our compensation system

Start +2

You will start with a balance of two sphere points. 

1 point = 1 conversation

Once you share your experience, you earn a point on your balance. 

Give and take

You can earn as many points as you want, though your balance should never be negative.