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What to expect as a member

Gain insights

  • Your current challenges

  • Book 30 minutes calls on topics you need support with

  • Receive 1:1 support from peers

Share insights

  • Your expertise & background

  • Control your commitment and share your experience if needed 

  • Support our community 1:1


Personal 1:1 conversation


- Right timing to incorporate

- Finding lawyers

- Opening bank accounts

- More...


Personal 1:1 conversation


- Getting prepared

- Approaching & selecting investors

- Time horizon 

- More...

Industry insights

Personal 1:1 conversation


- Entering a new industry

- Understanding the market

- Industry dynamics
- More... 

How our matching works

#1 Request

The platform helps to structure a request in both human- and algorithm-friendly format

#2 Matching

Our AI matches the request with the most fitting profile from our members database

#3 Approval

To ensure a positive experience, both conversation partners need to confirm the match

Topic-based support

"I was tired of excessive networking to get the insights I needed. 

sphere gives me instant access to a virtually limitless pool of experiences.”

On a Tablet

Sarah R.

HealthTech founder, sharing her experience since 2020

Frequently asked questions

Why do I have to go through an application process to join the community?

We aim to ensure that each member of sphere is a bright individual with unique background, high aspirations, and strong expertise.

How many hours do I have to commit to sharing my experience monthly?

Each member is free to decide their own commitment which can vary from month to month based on personal availability.

How many times per month can I request help from other members?

Each member can request up to two calls per month.

How do I know that the matches will be fruitful?

We match you with the person who has the experience you are looking for. Based on your feedback after the call, we can improve our matching in the future and adapt to your preferences.

What if I don’t consider myself to be an expert in any particular field?

Each member of the community has certain fields of strength that others could benefit from.

How will I share my experience with others?

If we receive a request that matches your background, we will forward it to you and wait for your response. Feel free to decline the request if you are not interested.