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Antonio S.

GreenTech founder, sharing his experience since 2020

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Conversations where you gain insights from experienced peers.
Conversations where you share your experience with others.

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Company valuation / convertibles
Successful bootstrapping
Founding an UG holding structure
How to patent my product?
Decide on angel invest
Applying for INVEST-Zuschuss
MedTech product approval
KfW Förderkredit
YCombinator interviews
500 Startups
DIGA approval
Raising money from a family office

Why sphere?

Learning from those who have done it before. This is what drives us. This is what makes you progress.

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Get to talk to peers for 30 minutes, on topics you choose. Have a conversation and get challenges out of your way.


We believe in giving and taking. sphere allows you to exchange your experience within a broad and diverse community.


Tired of excessive networking to get the insights you need? sphere matches you with the right peer.

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sphere is a closed community. Every member goes through a candidate selection process.

What our users say


The insights from Sarah on how she raised her first funding played a major role in closing our first round.

I am happy to share my healthtech insights with others.


Talking to someone who successfully applied for the INVEST-Zuschuss saved me a lot of time.

I will definitely continue to make use of other people's experience.

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I talked to Frank, who was part of different startup accelerators.

It was great to hear his opinion and get his personal advise & insights.

Lena M.

Fashion founder, sharing her experience since 2020

We learn from those who have done it before

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